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Potato Fat Content.

Baked PotatoImage by FotoosVanRobin via Flickr

Potato Fat Content.

If you are going to choose the Potato Diet, as your chosen way of trying to lose weight.
You will want to know how much Fat their is in a Potato. A medium sized Baked Potato has a trace, 0.2 grams of Fat, that is obviously without any dressing. When people are using the Potato Diet to try an shed a couple of pounds, it's always the Baked Potato Filling, that they struggle with.

It wouldn't be worth eating a Baked Potato which has a trace of Fat, only to fill it with Cheese or another high fat filling, that would be 1 step forward, and 2 back.

Why not try a couple of these Low Fat Baked Potato Fillings, so that you keep your Potato Fat Content as low as possible.

Low Fat Sour Cream, instead of Butter.
Low Fat Cottage Cheese, instead of Regular Cheddar Cheese.
You can also try Low Fat Cheese, but in the past, i have always found it a little dry.

So just remember, that the Potato Fat Content is basically nothing, it's always the topping or filling that is adding Fat to your meal.

Here is a quick video, featuring Anthony Worral Thompson, from Daily Cooks.
Here he shows us, how to Cook the Perfect Baked Potato.

Perfect Jacket Potato?

Baked potatoImage by Eva the Weaver via Flickr

Perfect Jacket Potato?
  • What makes The Perfect Jacket Potato?
  • Is it the filling?
  • Is it how you cook it?
  • Is it the type of Potato you choose?
Too many questions, and no answers. Lets take a look at some ways, of making the Perfect Jacket Potato?

First of all, the type of Potato you choose, makes a huge amount of difference to the taste.
Different countries, have different varieties of Potatoes. I used to think a Potato was a Potato, but they certainly aren't. Choose your Potato well, make sure it's washed, and then you can cook it.

Microwave a Jacket Potato or Oven?

Many people cook their Jacket Potatoes in the Microwave, it's quicker than cooking them in an oven, and it uses less power. I prefer microwave a Jacket Potato first, and then finish them off, in the oven for 10 minutes. This gives the Skin, a nice crispness to it.

How Many Calories in a Jacket Potato?

a baked potato with butterImage via Wikipedia

How Many Calories in a Jacket Potato?

Many people who go on a diet, usually eat Jacket Potatoes, with healthy toppings, to try and lose weight. Not many people know How Many Calories are in a Jacket Potato?
Let's take a look.

The averaged sized Jacket Potato with Skin, weighing 173 grams, with Salt, has approximately 161 Calories. When you compare this to the same amount of French Fries which has around 210 calories, a Jacket Potato is the healthier option.

If you are going to add fillings and toppings, the Calories will rise, depending on which topping. Here's a quick run down of a Calories, for Jacket Potato Fillings.

1. Baked Beans. 100 grams of Baked Beans (No added Salt), will give you 105 Calories.
2. Cheddar Cheese. 100 Grams of Cheddar Cheese has approximately 405 Calories.
3. Sour Cream. A 100 gram serving of Sour Cream, will have around 190 Calories.

Jacket Potato Nutrition.

Heart potatoImage by cuorhome via Flickr

Jacket Potato Nutrition.

You might not realize, but the Potato, is considered by some, as a Super Food.
Why is the Potato considered so good?
The Vitamins and Minerals found in Potatoes, are essential for a healthy balanced diet.

Here are some Nutritional Fact about Undressed Jacket Potatoes-

1. They contain no Cholesterol!
2. An average sized Potato contains 0% of your RDA of Fat!
3. Low in Sodium.
4. They are rich in Potassium, Magnesium and Vitamin D.
5. They give you a medium sized amount of your recommended daily amount of Iron.

As you can see, from the above data, Potatoes are amazingly good for you.
This is Jacket Potato Nutrition without any Salt or Toppings. Eating Potatoes everyday as a part of a healthy balanced diet is good, but it's important to eat other fresh vegetables too.

Jacket Potato Nutrition.

Baking potatoes does destroy a small amount of Vitamin C, due to the higher cooking temperatures, when compared to other methods of cooking, but only very slightly. Their are however, lower losses of other vitamins and minerals.

Jacket Potato Toppings.

Jacket PotatoImage by René Ehrhardt via Flickr

Jacket Potato Toppings.

When it comes to Jacket Potatoes, some people are fillers, they enjoy packing as much filling in as they can. On the other hand, some people just like a few drops of Topping, on top of a delicious Jacket Potato, which one are you?

The classic Jacket Potato Toppings include, Butter, Cheese, Beans and Chili, Pizza Topping with Grated Mozzarella, Scrambled Egg, Smoked Sausage, and many more.
I could go on and list endless Jacket Potato Toppings, but by the end, you would probably be running to the oven, and throwing in a Potato.

Let's look over some traditional Jacket Potato Toppings, and how to prepare them.
I prefer to cook my Jacket Potatoes in the Oven, they just taste better, and they are more crispy, with the Fluffy Potato Center. If you prefer, you can cook them in the microwave, and finish them off in the oven, for 10 minutes.

1. The Scrambled Egg Jacket Potato Topping, isn't one of your most well known toppings, but it is delicious. Simply Scramble a couple of Eggs, mix in a couple of Chopped Tomatoes, and Season, with Salt and Pepper. You can also add a small amount of Butter, to the potato first, before laying on your Scrambled Eggs.

2. Sour Cream with Chopped Onions and Crispy Bacon. Fry the Bacon in a little oil, or cook in the oven, without any oil. Remove the access oil, by laying the bacon an some Kitchen Paper. Chop the bacon, and Onion, and mix in with the Sour Cream. This super quick recipe, is my favourite, and all my family love it.

Jacket Potato Ideas.

A bowl of cottage cheese. Image via Wikipedia Homemade Cottage Cheese

Jacket Potato Ideas.

Tired of the regular Jacket Potato?
Looking for some exciting new toppings, to turn that ordinary Jacket Potato into an amazing Meal Sensation?

Lets take a look at some Jacket Potato Ideas.

1.How about Mixing Cottage Cheese, with Grated Carrot and Red or Green Pepper? The sweetness of the Carrot and Peppers, make an amazing mixture.

2. Tuna, Red Onion and Red Pepper. Slice all the ingredients finely, mix with a small amount of Low Fat Mayonnaise. This is a classic, but with the Red Onion, adding a little bit of kick.

3. Sour Cream and Onion. After doing a little research online. I found that people love this simple mix of Potato, Sour Cream and Onions. You can also add a small amount of Crispy Bacon, to give it a little something else.

I hope you found these quick Jacket Potato Ideas new, and something you haven't tried before.

Jacket Potato Diet.

a baked potato with butterImage via Wikipedia

Jacket Potato Diet.

The Jacket Potato Diet, is not one of the well known diets, but if you take a look at how nutritional a Potato can be, you might be on the Jacket Potato Diet, tomorrow.
The Potato, is well known for it's nutritional value, and some well known Nutritionist's, actually think the Potato is a super food.
It has Zero Cholesterol, almost no Fat content, but it's high in Vitamin D, Potassium and Magnesium. All these minerals are essential for a healthy Diet & Lifestyle.

The Jacket Potato Diet, is not as boring as it sounds. You can add some delicious Jacket Potato Toppings, to turn an ordinary Potato, into an amazing meal. Low Fat Soft Cheese, Beans, Low Fat Cheese, Cottage Cheese and Tuna and Sweetcorn, are extra delicious, and low in fat.