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Jacket Potato Diet.

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Jacket Potato Diet.

The Jacket Potato Diet, is not one of the well known diets, but if you take a look at how nutritional a Potato can be, you might be on the Jacket Potato Diet, tomorrow.
The Potato, is well known for it's nutritional value, and some well known Nutritionist's, actually think the Potato is a super food.
It has Zero Cholesterol, almost no Fat content, but it's high in Vitamin D, Potassium and Magnesium. All these minerals are essential for a healthy Diet & Lifestyle.

The Jacket Potato Diet, is not as boring as it sounds. You can add some delicious Jacket Potato Toppings, to turn an ordinary Potato, into an amazing meal. Low Fat Soft Cheese, Beans, Low Fat Cheese, Cottage Cheese and Tuna and Sweetcorn, are extra delicious, and low in fat.