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Perfect Jacket Potato?

Baked potatoImage by Eva the Weaver via Flickr

Perfect Jacket Potato?
  • What makes The Perfect Jacket Potato?
  • Is it the filling?
  • Is it how you cook it?
  • Is it the type of Potato you choose?
Too many questions, and no answers. Lets take a look at some ways, of making the Perfect Jacket Potato?

First of all, the type of Potato you choose, makes a huge amount of difference to the taste.
Different countries, have different varieties of Potatoes. I used to think a Potato was a Potato, but they certainly aren't. Choose your Potato well, make sure it's washed, and then you can cook it.

Microwave a Jacket Potato or Oven?

Many people cook their Jacket Potatoes in the Microwave, it's quicker than cooking them in an oven, and it uses less power. I prefer microwave a Jacket Potato first, and then finish them off, in the oven for 10 minutes. This gives the Skin, a nice crispness to it.