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Jacket Potato Toppings.

Jacket PotatoImage by René Ehrhardt via Flickr

Jacket Potato Toppings.

When it comes to Jacket Potatoes, some people are fillers, they enjoy packing as much filling in as they can. On the other hand, some people just like a few drops of Topping, on top of a delicious Jacket Potato, which one are you?

The classic Jacket Potato Toppings include, Butter, Cheese, Beans and Chili, Pizza Topping with Grated Mozzarella, Scrambled Egg, Smoked Sausage, and many more.
I could go on and list endless Jacket Potato Toppings, but by the end, you would probably be running to the oven, and throwing in a Potato.

Let's look over some traditional Jacket Potato Toppings, and how to prepare them.
I prefer to cook my Jacket Potatoes in the Oven, they just taste better, and they are more crispy, with the Fluffy Potato Center. If you prefer, you can cook them in the microwave, and finish them off in the oven, for 10 minutes.

1. The Scrambled Egg Jacket Potato Topping, isn't one of your most well known toppings, but it is delicious. Simply Scramble a couple of Eggs, mix in a couple of Chopped Tomatoes, and Season, with Salt and Pepper. You can also add a small amount of Butter, to the potato first, before laying on your Scrambled Eggs.

2. Sour Cream with Chopped Onions and Crispy Bacon. Fry the Bacon in a little oil, or cook in the oven, without any oil. Remove the access oil, by laying the bacon an some Kitchen Paper. Chop the bacon, and Onion, and mix in with the Sour Cream. This super quick recipe, is my favourite, and all my family love it.